i Art Bert, surprising paintings

The goal of Bert van den Heuvel, the artist behind 'i Art Bert', is to share his creations with the world. As many people as possible should be able to enjoy it. It is the artists' priority to emotionally express the innovative and unique art.

The works of art at i Art Bert are surprising and very diverse. In addition to different styles such as abstract expressionism and impressionism, Bert van den Heuvel also makes objects.

The diversity is also evident from the use of different materials including oil paint, acrylic and acrylic, but also silver sand, metal, aluminum, plastic and wood. The works are mainly captured on canvas but also on wooden panels.

Egyptby Bert van den Heuvel.

The artist has always been interested in history as a source of inspiration. “As one of the oldest civilizations, it inspired me to paint about it. I think the pyramid itself is a work of art“.

This painting is created on three wooden panels with acrylic and acrylic paint, mainly in the color 'gold'.

Ice skating in Central Park by Bert van den Heuvel.

“The city of New York has always interested me. The large buildings combined with the park. Especially in winter time."

Skating in central park, oil on canvas.

Jerusalemby Bert van den Heuvel.

“In 2011 I visited Israel and was inspired by the city. In addition to the old buildings, I was particularly struck by the walls, such as the wailing wall, the defensive wall and the barriers that are present in and throughout the city. They have been incorporated into this impression of Jerusalem.”

Jerusalem, oil on canvas.

Landscape Groningen by Bert van den Heuvel.

"After a holiday in Groningen, during an excursion by bus, I was inspired by the landscape of the province. Especially the plain and the vista are incorporated in this painting."

Landscape Groningen, oil on canvas.

Bert van den Heuvel

“I have created the works with great pleasure, every style I create gives me satisfaction."
“I hope you can appreciate and enjoy the works”

Bert van den Heuvel, Artist

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